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Climbing from Stordalens Havn in Cape Farewell Region





The expedition members wish to thank both the individuals and organisations who gave assistance and expertise in the mounting of the expedition. Some of these have been listed earlier, but we wish particularly to thank the Principal of the University of St Andrews, J. Steven Watson, MA, DLitt, DHL, DH, FRHistS, FRSE; Major D.F.O.Russell; the Quaestor and factor, C.P.Gordon, CA; and the Hon. R.D.Buchanan-Smith.

The assistance provided by the Director and the staff of the Department of Physical Education, and by members of the Works Department, Physics Department, Accommodation Office, Publicity and College Gate, who helped with the organisational aspect of the expedition, and with the production of the original report, is also acknowledged with thanks.

The financial support given by the University of St Andrews, the Carnegie Trust for the Universities of Scotland, the Russell Trust, the Royal Bank of Scotland, the Bank of Scotland, and Low and Bonar Charitable Trust, the Gino Watkins Memorial Fund, and sources was essential to the solvency of the expedition. Personal grants were awarded to D.J.P.Brown from a Trust Fund, to J.Cant and R.Sharples from the School of Physical Sciences Vacation Awards Committee, and to C.Matheson from Madras College Endowment Fund.

We appreciated the help given by Nairn Travel Ltd, and KGH Cpenhagen to our travel plans; invaluable assistance by Mick Davis, who arranged transport and accommodation in Nanortalik; personal and expedition equipment supplied by Graham Tiso; films by Kodak; packaging by Low and Bonar and Thames Board. Various food suppliers helped with discount and gifts.

The final words of thanks go to those who showed understanding and forbearance: the families, the fiancées and girl friends of the members of the 1975 University of St Andrews Greenland Expedition.




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